Research, Design and Protocol Development Workshop 2022

Research, Design and Protocol Development Workshop 2022

CAMTech Uganda organizes Research, Design and Protocol Development workshops and the objective is to introduce innovation teams to research designs and protocol development steps for IRB approvals plus training for project submission to REC.

Research, Design and Protocol Development workshops focus on the key sections of a protocol, and these are in the Introduction/Background, problem statement, Objectives, Significance and Innovation, Methodology, Data collection tools and measurements, Data analysis plan and Human subject’s issues.

This year’s training comprised of 2 workshops with 7 teams made out of 13 innovators attending. In addition, the raining targeted Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Global Health Collaborative (GHC) communities engaged in research activities that already have developed draft research proposals/protocols for review. These are the selected teams for the training

i) e-VHT- Mobile Application  platform that has animated VHT training materials to ease VHT training

ii)SMMS- a device that monitors, reports location, functionality and usage of medical devices in real-time to enable technical individuals in charge to quickly take action

 iii)PRISMS- provides frontline health workers with a framework for newborn clinical assessment

 iv) Lift Relief- helps healthcare workers to move patients from one place to another.

v) Autothermo-a continuous temperature monitoring device to monitor babies.

vi) Photokabada-machine, a hybrid remotely monitored phototherapy machine that treats multiple babies simultaneously.

vii) Digital Speech Assistant- a mobile application that enables effective communication between deaf patients and health workers during consultation.

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